About lovedating

1. What is lovedating?

Rose is one of the largest cross language dating platforms in the world. Committed to different regions, different languages, different cultures of people through the Internet to better understand each other. We provide corresponding services for people with different habits and hobbies, and strive to improve day by day.

2. Why lovedating?

lovedating advocates truth, beauty, friendship and difference. Compared with other social networking sites, lovedating has its unique function, that is, manual translation. There are eight most popular languages (English, Japanese, Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese) in the world to help you eliminate language barriers and make friends all over the world.

3. What can I do on lovedating?

In lovedating, users can sign up for free, find friends, post posts, mood and comments, send private messages and gifts to friends, etc. Log in every day, you can have a higher active level, higher level will enjoy more functions. Of course, you can also upgrade to a senior or permanent member, and you can also use more functions.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact us or email to nddsvip@gmail.com

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