lovedating escort safety tips

In order to create a safe, real and pure environment for all users to make friends and protect the rights and interests of users, the staff of lovedating have been taking various measures to fight against network swindlers. As the swindler's deception means emerge in endlessly, changing, it is inevitable that there will be some fish who miss the net, we hereby remind you that in the process of making friends on the Internet, we must strengthen the awareness of prevention, abide by the rules of making friends on our website, respect others, and make friends sincerely under the condition of protecting our own rights and interests.

Safety at the beginning of making friends

It's not easy to make a friend on the Internet. They share the same interests and talk about everything. It's inevitable to get excited when meeting an old friend. However, no matter how speculative the conversation is, we should always keep sober and not abandon the sense of self-protection. After all, the most important thing is the safety of making friends on the Internet. We should always keep in mind the heart of guarding against people.

1. Please do not publish your personal information on the website
It is recommended that you communicate anonymously in the initial stage. Do not include your email address, home address, telephone number, work location or any other personal identity information in your personal data or chat information. When chatting with other lovebaodian members, please do not send content that may involve your privacy. The following information can be directly protected: your name, address, home phone number, or any other person's address.

2. Please don't accept others' invitation easily and contact by other means
Although we have tried our best to filter cheating members to the minimum, and repeatedly remind you to abide by the rules of making friends, we still suggest that you should always be vigilant. If a user takes the initiative to tell them their contact information and invites you to chat with other websites, please don't trust them easily. We have received many complaints from users. Some users invited them to chat with other websites and asked them for property. Because they chat through other websites, our staff can't effectively monitor cheating users, and our fraud management mechanism can't give full play to its role. Therefore, we remind you to contact on lovebaodian website as far as possible. Once you are cheated, we will immediately investigate and deal with it, so as to avoid more users being cheated.

3. Personal property safety
The network is a virtual environment, so the risk of making friends through the network is several times that of making friends in reality. Therefore, we once again remind you not to trust anyone, not to tell anyone your bank account number or password, and not to have a lending relationship with friends on the Internet. Here are some of the tricks we always remember. I hope you will keep them in mind and keep your vigilance.
1) Financial difficulties in doing business;
2) On the way back to China, the money was stolen, which required some travel expenses;
3) They need a lot of money to operate on their families;
4) Instigate the other party to invest in a project with high rate of return;
5) want to borrow money or do business in partnership;
6) Hope to meet in reality, but have no money to buy air tickets / tickets, ask the other party to put money on their own card.
7) He has an incurable disease, has a large amount of inheritance, and hopes to make a charitable donation to others, so as to ask for other people's private information.
Later stage of making friends
After a period of online communication, if the netizens are more satisfied with you, invite you to meet in reality, please consider carefully before you promise. Although meeting in reality is indeed a gratifying thing, and both sides have already understood each other's situation before that, they still need to be careful when meeting and always put safety first.

1. Meet at a safe place
If you have received an invitation from a netizen to meet in reality and have agreed, you should remember to tell your friends where you meet and when you come back. Leave your friends' names and phone numbers. Don't let netizens pick you up. Provide your own transportation, arrange the meeting place in a public place with more people around you, and it's better to leave after the meeting. Choose a familiar restaurant or coffee shop, and choose more guests to meet, these are good methods of safety. If you decide to change the new meeting place, please also go by yourself. Say goodbye at the right time and thank your friends for spending a good time with you.

2. Get out of trouble
Never do something you are not sure about during the meeting. Once unexpected things happen, please use your intelligence to help yourself solve the difficulties and leave the scene as soon as possible. Please strive for enough time to ask your friends' opinions, ask others for help or leave quickly through the back door. If you feel that you are in danger, please call the police immediately. Personal safety is always the most important. Don't worry about your behavior or feel embarrassed about it. Safety is far more important than other people's opinions.
Our website tries our best to crack down on deception through technical shielding and manual audit, so that cheaters have no chance to take advantage of it. Please be cautious and vigilant while speaking freely with your friends. Personal and property safety is more important than everything. At the same time, the supervision and complaints of users are also a powerful means to make cheaters invisible. If you find suspicious users on the website, please contact us in time, and we will immediately investigate to ensure your safety and create a more pure and safe environment for you to make friends.