lovedating respects the privacy of users and develops privacy policies to protect your privacy. Privacy policies include: the user profile of lovedating, the information we collect, how to use it, and who to share it with. When you use our website or service, or do business transactions with us, we recommend that you read the privacy policy carefully. By using our website, you have accepted the provisions of this confidentiality agreement. lovedating attaches great importance to network privacy. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.

People under 18
lovedating will not intentionally collect or preserve personal verification information or non personal verification information of persons under 18 years old, and no project on this website is open to persons under 18 years old. If you are under 18, please stop using or prohibit access to this website or service. If lovedating is informed that there is personal verification information for persons under 18 years old in the information collected, the website will take reasonable steps to delete the information.

The information we collect
The information you fill in (including your personal information, contact information, and other file information filled in when you create the member file); if you contact us, we will record your communication information; the transaction information includes the information about the products and services you order from our website;

How do we use the information collected?
• Manage your user account (including: notify you of any matching objects, prompts, announcements, updates or promotions)
• Help you customize personalized website visit
• Provide you with the information, products or services you ask, or information you are interested in; conduct market analysis and investigation
• Help us improve service structure, layout and applicability
Who do we share the information we have collected
We may share your information with third parties in specific ways, for example, when you customize services from our website, we provide your information to third parties for payment processing. But we will control and be responsible for the use of your information by third parties. We may disclose some of your information to our partner company to provide you with services such as email or chat function services. To provide these services, we must provide your information (including your lovedating user name and email address) to our partners.

We are trying to provide you with services according to your preferences. We use cookies to save and record information about you. Cookie is a small part of the data sent to your browser through a network server that is stored on your computer hard disk.

Change hidden policy
We review privacy policy frequently and publish policy change information on this page. We encourage members to review our privacy policies on a regular basis to better understand the information we collect and how we use it and in what circumstances we use it to share information with others.
How to contact us
If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our information processing methods, or if you have any questions about our disclosure to a third party (for direct marketing purposes), please contact us by email or letter. Email: lovedating has entered into the following agreement (the "terms of use") concerning the website services (hereinafter referred to as the services). Whoever uses our services is deemed to have agreed to comply with our terms of use.

1. agree to the terms of use
This Agreement (terms of use) includes the website and client that is and will be operated in the future. By using this service, whether you are registered as a member of lovedating (hereinafter referred to as a member), you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms of use. If you do not agree with this service terms, please stop using our service.

2. qualification requirements
Minors under 18 years old are not allowed to use our services. By using our services, you have declared and guaranteed that you have the right and ability to comply with all the provisions of the terms of use.
3. change of terms of use
lovedating has the right to change this terms of use without prior notice. You can view changes to the terms of service on a regular basis. If you use our services, whether you browse or not, you will be deemed to agree to these changes after we make changes to the terms of use.
4. privacy
lovedating respects the privacy of visitors to the site. The use of services should follow our privacy policy. lovedating's partners agree to follow the privacy policy.

5. service change
lovedating may, at its sole discretion, add, delete or modify service functions or services without prior notice.

6. customization
a) Payment method
Your terms of payment will be based on your payment terms, which are determined by an agreement between you and the financial institution, credit card issuer or other payment service provider (payment service provider) you choose. If lovedating does not accept the payment services provided by your payment service provider, you agree to pay all amounts as required. You agree to pay all accounts payable for the use of our services. If your account has been paid, you can ask us to cancel your paid status. Once your account is cancelled, your paid status will terminate on the date of your last payment. Paid status cannot be transferred. The paid status of lovedating is the final sale and cannot be refunded. Disputed fees should be reported to lovedating within 60 days of your purchase of the service. If you have any questions about your paid status, please contact us.
b) Renewal of services
The service you have customized on the lovedating website will not be automatically renewed. You can contact our customer service team to change or re order at any time. If you choose to re contract, your subscription service will not be automatically renewed after it expires. If the order is cancelled before the expiration of the subscription period, no refund shall be obtained.
c) Free trial and other promotions
Any free trial or other promotional method can make subscribers use our service for a specific probation period. If the terms of the promotion stipulate that users need to customize the service, you should cancel the subscription before the probation period to avoid delivery of the subscription fee.

7. community content
All service content should follow the requirements of community content guide. You agree not to publish, transmit, distribute or link any content involving violations, harassment, slander, threats, harmful, indecent, rebellious, defamation, defamation of others' reputation, and violation of other people's privacy, or to send any content that other people are unhappy with or infringing on the rights and interests of others or groups. Without the written consent of the intellectual property owner, it is not allowed to use other people's intellectual property rights, including the information protected by copyright and trademark rights, the changed or unchanged intellectual property rights, and the non copyright text or pictures of other persons. lovedating will not be responsible for the content of any email or group discussion post sent by the member, nor will it be responsible for any information, goods or services provided by a third party or member. The use of our services means that you agree that lovedating will not be responsible for you or others in the following circumstances: for example, threats, libel, indecency, downplay, attacks or violations of law by any party, or infringement, including the illegal use of intellectual property rights. lovedating does not have all the information you provide (including feedback and suggestions), or all information you publish, download, enter or submit in lovedating ("submitted information"). However, if you publish, upload, input, provide or submit information on our website or client, you give lovedating permanent and irrevocable and transferable rights, lovedating has the right to copy, use, store, modify, edit, translate or publish any or all of the information you submit without paying the user fee for the information. lovedating is not obliged to publish or use the information you submit, and lovedating may at any time, at its sole discretion, delete the information you submit. You publish, download, enter or submit information on this website, which means you have control over the information you publish. lovedating and its partners will not be responsible for the deletion, invalid or storage failure of your information.
8 member account
Once you have registered our service, you will receive an account number and password, you shall keep your account and password confidential and be responsible for all activities related to your account. Once you have registered as a member, you will be responsible for all information in your file. It is prohibited to publish pornography or other obscene content in archives or website services, as this will threaten your membership. lovedating will not be responsible for offline appointments by members of the lovedating website. You agree that lovedating sends you email (involving service information (including change upgrade), new features or events, comments and suggestions on using the service
9. Disclaimer
Information published on the lovedating website or through lovedating (or the agent or partner of lovedating) is provided according to "existing" and "existing". It has no warranties and conditions, express or implied. lovedating does not control any information, products or services provided by a third party. You expressly agree that the use of the service will be at your own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable legislation: lovedating makes a disclaimer for all express or implied warranties, which include, but are not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for special purposes; lovedating does not guarantee that the services provided meet your needs, nor will the services be uninterrupted, timely, safe or correct. lovedating does not guarantee the results of the use and use of the service. lovedating does not guarantee that the site or service item does not contain any virus or other harmful components. lovedating does not guarantee or declare that: keep the confidentiality of information transmitted by the website. lovedating does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the translation of the website. lovedating does not guarantee any goods or services purchased or acquired through this website, or advertised or sponsored on this website, or any transactions made through the website. lovedating does not make any express warranties (whether oral or written) of the information you receive from lovedating or its services.